Why Coach Randy Says is Unique

Coach Randy Says is an international speaking network, a leading executive coaching and consulting program offering vital services to professionals, corporations, individuals, parents, families, and educators. Coach Randy Says utilizes an advanced coaching program and a highly effective leadership training methodology to engage and challenge individuals and companies to realize their full potential, improve their performance, and successfully achieve their goals.


Coach Randy Says is an ideal speaker. His new If Life is a Game, Who’s Your Coach and Game Changer programs engage business professionals to go beyond the mundane, forces individuals to consider their purpose within this world, and empowers everyone to become the change they want to see around them. Coach Randy’s hands-on approach coupled with his background, education and training, has proven to be extremely beneficial. His high-energy, sense of humor, sensitivity and contagious enthusiasm stimulates and motivates individuals of all ages.


Coach Randy Says understands that success in dealing with individuals is directly related to the effective and appropriate skills of those connected with each other. Whether in the home, in the educational system, athletics, or in the corporate arena, Coach Randy says helps individuals and companies become more effective communicators, better leaders, and competent advocates of change.


Coach Randy Says coaching program is designed to create lasting results rather than the motivational “quick fix” approach typical of many seminar-based training experiences. Our programs have been created through years of experience, training, and research in the fields of professional coaching, business, education and human behavior. Coach Randy Says is professionally trained and has completed a Certified Coach Training program.

Coach Randy Says delivers

Total Solutions:

From programs, training, individual and group coaching, Coach Randy Says offers the critical components needed to maximize the impact of change and create a successful, forward thinking culture.


Coach Randy Says maintains a comprehensive, customizable and individual-focused program that is effective in all scenarios regardless of business, school, institution, family or organization.


Coach Randy Says relies on client referrals and the longevity of the results achieved that demonstrate the effectiveness of the speaking, coaching and consulting solutions and why Coach Randy Says is an industry leader.