Bullying in Sports: A Guide to Identifying the Injuries We Don't See

Experts agree that bullying is a national epidemic and impacts hundreds of thousands of lives across the country. You only have to turn on the news to see the heightened attention focused on the issue of bullying and bullying behavior.

And while the issue of bullying transcends all ethnic groups and social strata, there is a breeding ground for what is transpiring and it occurs under the guide of teamwork, sportsmanship and pushing for excellence. It takes place out in the open, fostered in our culture and cheered on by parents and fans alike. The athlete is revered and even worshiped as a hero. Bullying is born in the locker rooms, the dugouts, the practice fields and the weight rooms. In the hallowed halls of youth sports, bullying is tolerated and taught, supported and sustained, modeled and manifested. The lip service paid to this national tragedy has allowed the problem to fester, virtually unchecked, for generations.

This book is a wake-up call to parents, educators, officials and coaches revealing the unspoken crisis and the accepted core culture that is being taught and role modeled to young athletes in this country. It is an adult driven approach where athletes are taught about winning at all costs, the worship of “heroes,” success at the expense of others, and taking advantage of the weak. It perpetuates all aspects of the current mindset in sports. It is a breeding ground for bullying, intimidation and the harassment of others. This book uncovers the prevalence of bullying in sports by identifying the behavior, calls out those involved enabling the culture and the matter in which it is being used and what can be done to stand up against this conduct.


This is a MUST read. Hat’s off to Coach Randy. Thank you for the education and working so hard
to shift the paradigm of our culture. I encourage veryone to learn from Randy and commit to being a part of the solution!


Amazing resource for anyone who wishes more insight into this topic. It clearly defines what is acceptable and what is not.

Melanie R Green

This book says it how it is. I wish it was required reading for all parents and coaches.

Ruzanne Behrens

Feathers are Everywhere: A Practical Application of the Law of Attraction

“Feathers are Everywhere” is about the symbolism of feathers and finding happiness as a byproduct of what occurs all around us. Feathers remind us there is a silver lining during the turbulent moments that arise. It takes understanding, certain skills, and a little bit of faith to help most individuals see challenges are really opportunities in disguise.

This book is designed to provide a basic understanding of the Law of Attraction (LOA), identify unique skills to incorporate the LOA, and introduce a number of principles that can be utilized immediately. Chapter One focuses on the proper mindset. Chapter Two introduces a Three Step formula that can be implemented immediately. Chapter Three shares Ten Principles to enhance your current life blueprint. Chapter Four offers exercises and tools to help implement lasting change.

Just like happiness is a state of being and is all around us, feathers are everywhere, both literally and figuratively. It is just a matter of awareness and being able to see them in every day Once you start attracting feathers, your mantra will become “Feathers are Everywhere.”