The Bridge Program: Choosing the Best Post High School Pathway

Graduating high school is one of the greatest rites of passages. However, what was once an exciting milestone is now full of fear, uncertainty and anxiety. Covid-19 has forced dreams to be placed on hold, plans to be up ended, and the future unclear. For many, college is the next step following high school. While for others it may be a gap program abroad, the military or trade school. Regardless, parents and teens must now rethink these next few years of their budding young adult lives. This coaching programs helps parents and their teens an opportunity to understand the current conditions, develop strategies to make appropriate decisions, and create a plan that successfully prepares everyone for the months and years ahead.



Coaching is a powerful commitment and partnership that employs a thought-provoking and creative process that focuses on connecting people to performance, personally and professionally, through the concept of empowerment. Coaching is all about change. It helps people to clarify objectives and to discover more effective approaches for achieving those objectives. Coaching focuses on solutions, not problems, to help transcend people from good to great. The coach’s primary focus and concern is their client and fostering an incredible sense of trust to identify goals and dreams that lie deep within each individual. Coaching is action oriented. This is very different from traditional helping modes where it is often about “fixing” a problem.

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Executive/Business Coaching is aimed at inspiring business and executive leaders to make dramatic changes transforming into a more resourceful and effective professional. A powerful relationship is formed between the client and coach focusing on professional development, individual skill sets, and overall increased performance. Using a wide variety of techniques and strategies the coach assists the client in achieving an identified set of goals to improve performance and effectiveness in the work environment.



Career Coaching focuses on those individuals in transition or looking to create a change in their career. Coaching focuses on the creation of a job search “campaign” including an effective resume, networking opportunities, interviewing skills, and other intangibles related to finding an appropriate position in today’s job market. Using a wide variety of techniques and strategies the coach assists the client in achieving a reasonable action plan to overcome the adversities faced with looking for employment.