Episode 5 - Control the Controlables. Coach Randy returns with his follow up to his last podcast about FEAR. Nothing creates more fear than being out of control. For most individuals being in control is one of the most important parts of each day. Yet, we often discover we are not in control of really anything. Control the Controlables is being able to differentiate between those things are not in our control and understanding what is - when we do, it makes life much easier and more palatable.
Episode 4 - The Power of FEAR. Coach Randy takes on the challenging drive for happiness within life. Why is happiness so important? What does it seem so elusive? How can one truly be happy?
Episode 3 - Why is Happiness so Elusive. Coach Randy takes on the challenging drive for happiness within life. Why is happiness so important? What does it seem so elusive? How can one truly be happy?
Episode 2 - The Blueprint for Life. Coach Randy challenges the current Blueprint for Life that is used to socially condition each one of us about success and happiness.
EPISODE 1. Join Coach Randy in his first episode of his new Podcast - Life of an Average Somebody. Learn about the history of the title, a bit about Coach, and join the journey.
TRAILER. Hey this is Coach Randy – Get ready for my new Podcast. Join me on Fridays, beginning July 3 to share my journey about being an Average Somebody. We’ll have some fun.
Join us as we venture through a Suburban Dad's Life. We do our best to be the best, but often fall short, scream and sometimes pull our hair out balancing work, love and life. Learn, laugh and Enjoy.
S04E13.Coach Randy and Adam D are lucky to have Jeff Mandell with LawFoward.org straight from Madison, Wisconsin. Jeff offers an insiders view of the political situation in the state, shares his motivation to fight fundamental democratic principles, and offers a unique perspective with his Dadvice.
S04E12.Coach Randy and Adam D enjoy their time with Mark V (comedian, hip replacement recipient, and all around great dad). Spend some pre-Thanksgiving time learning about his inspirational story as he chases his dream and passion.
S04E11.Welcome back to our next episode with your co-hosts Coach Randy and Adam D. Another great conversation with another great dad. This week meet Keith Barbaria as he discusses the current state of the news and media in the Northeast, his proud support of Movember.com (a leading charity changing the face of men’s health), and his valuable dadvice.
S04E10.Coach Randy and Adam D kick it up a notch with a Whiskey connoisseur – Dan the Bourbon Man out of Westchester, NY. Join them as they celebrate the world of whiskey and ask Dan the really hard Bourbon questions.
S04E09. Another exciting week with Coach Randy and Adam D, another exciting guest dad. This week professional comedian and writer Mark Schiff joins the crew as he shares personal stories about Jerry Seinfeld, Rodney Dangerfield, Robin Williams, and others. You don’t want to be the one dad that misses out.
S04E08. Coach Randy and Adam pick up where they left off last week. Except this week they welcome Jonah Kaplan, a political journalist and reporter from WTVD (ABC11) in North Carolina. Jonah shares the high paced, multi-dimensional aspect of being in the throngs of the World Series, Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, and US Open wrapped up into one within politics…the 2020 Election.
S04E07. Coach Randy and Adam D offer one of their best episodes to date! Guest dad, Thad Brown shares great stories about Adam D’s past at Hofstra and talks football and the Buffalo Bills during the Covid-19 environment.
S04E06. Coach Randy and Adam D discuss flossing, golf, more softball and celebrate the Suburban Dad Life. This week’s guest features Erick Sacks of Sacks Orthodontics in Livingston, NJ – learn about his inspirational story about how he learned about his career, to his Dadvice for dads.
S04E05. Another wild week to reflect and discuss as Coach Randy and Adam D return to the Den with special guest Evan Robbins, who shares his original inspiration to address child slavery in Ghana into a non-profit movement impacting 100s of lives.
S04E04. Coach Randy and Adam D share their Zoomnanigans from this past week highlighting other parents and wearing masks. Vishnu Vaka, comedian, joins them in the Den (not literally) for another great interview for dads everywhere.
S04E03. Coach Randy & Adam D pick up steam as they steer full swing into their fourth season. They welcome Jared Root, father of two (son and daughter) as he informs and raises awareness around Usher F1 Syndrome – an illness his son has.
S04E02. Coach Randy and Adam D trek back into time to reconnect with Adam’s RA from Hofstra University, Todd Uterstaedt who currently hosts his own podcast and helps entrepreneurs go from good to great.
S04E01. Coach Randy and Adam D return for Season 4 with gusto. Join them as the continue their journey into dadhood, illuminating guests, and another round of fun. This week’s episode features Joe Fuld, Founder of The Campaign Workshop.
S04E00. Join Coach Randy & Adam D as they celebrate Father’s Day. Dad-a-Palooza celebrates musically inclined dads playing music, singing songs, and praising fathers on this special day.